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Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Second Lincoln Douglas Debate: Taxes, Spending and the Future of the Illinois Economy

Shane lecturing

University of Illinois Law School student Shane Mulrooney opened the debate, which was co-hosted by the Federalist Society and the University's Institute of Government and Public Affairs. John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute argued that Illinois needs to adopt more business friendly tax and budget policies, reduce government spending to more sustainable levels, and rely more on the free-market and entrepreneurship rather than government to address the state's many problems. Tillman speaking Ralph Martire of Center for Tax and Budget Accountability took part in the debate on Illinois' ongoing budget crisis. Combined with recent tax increases, the crisis has led many businesses and entrepreneurs to leave the state in search of greener pastures. The crisis has squeezed the University's budget as well.


Inaugural Debate: Health Care


Michael Tanner is a Senior Fellow at the CATO Institute.

Steffie Woolhandler is a professor of Medicine at Harvard and co-director of the Harvard Medical School General Interval Medicine Fellowship Program.