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4th Annual Academy Symposia

Now More Than Ever: The Case for Limited Government

On September 30, 2010 the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Foundation sponsored its Fourth Annual Academy Symposium featuring Professor Richard Epstein of NYU Law School and Professors David Hyman and Richard Kaplan of the University of Illinois.

Richard Epstein

Richard A. Epstein - Keynote Speaker

Professor Richard Epstein is the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law, New York University School of Law, since 2010. He is also the Peter and Kirstin Bedford Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution since 2000. He will continue to serve at the University of Chicago as the James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of law until January 1, 2011, at which point he becomes a Senior Lecturer.

David Hyman

David A. Hyman - Panelist

Considered to be one of the country's top health law scholars, Professor David Hyman, the Richard W. and Marie L. Corman Professor of Law, teaches civil procedure and health care regulation. His principal research interests are the regulation of health care financing and delivery and empirical law and economics.

Richard Kapland

Richard L. Kaplan - Panelist

Professor Richard Kaplan, the Peer and Sarah Pedersen Professor of Law, graduated from Indiana University with highest honors and earned his law degree from Yale University. He practiced law in Houston with Baker & Botts, specializing in U.S. tax consequences of international transactions, before joining the University of Illinois at Urbana faculty in 1979.