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  • Professor Josh Hall lecturing

    The Benefits of Economic Freedom

    Who doesn’t want a better world? Professor Joshua Hall's presented "The Benefits of Economic Freedom" to nearly 200 students on April 28, 2015. Professor Hall shared his widely-cited research showing dramatic improvements in standard of living and quality of life for those in countries with more Economic Freedom. Several students asked questions, giving them a chance to engage in the topic even more. A video of the entire lecture is coming soon. To see the highlights of the event, click on the link below!

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    Watch Professor Hall's full presentation here.Video file

  • Spring 2015 Academy Newsletter

    Spring 2015 Academy Update

    Read how your support helped the Academy reach more students than ever! The latest issue of Academy Update features the Hathorne Lecture series and student, donor, and professor profiles. Click on the link below to read the online version, or e-mail and request your printed copy.

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  • Terry Anderson lecturing

    Eighth Annual Fall Symposium: Free Market Environmentalism

    Private market-based solutions to environmental problems was the focus of the Academy’s Eighth Annual Fall Symposium featuring Stanford economist Terry Anderson. Professor Anderson spoke to standing-room-only crowds of hundreds of students at the Business School in Champaign on November 12 and on campus in Springfield November 13. Anderson’s lecture helped students learn about the importance of private property and free markets for environmental preservation.

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  • 2013 Symposium audience

    Seventh Annual Fall Symposium: Decline of American Economic Freedom

    A standing-room-only audience attended the Academy’s Fall Symposium on perhaps the most critical challenge facing America’s future: the ongoing decline of American Economic Freedom and the threat to our standard of living. Professor Robert Lawson delivered the lecture attended by over 350 students and community leaders.

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  • An Education in Liberty

    A unique program, supported by the Academy on Capitalism, allows students to customize their courses to earn a Master's degree with a focus in Liberty Studies.

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Our Founding Fathers subscribed to and advocated an enlightened yet limited government, one that vigorously promotes political freedom and economic opportunity, one that anticipates and nurtures the unlimited potential and private energies of the individual.

The Academy is a not-for-profit corporation that supports scholarly research and teaching about the authors and ideas of free markets, entrepreneurship, individual rights, individual responsibility, limited government and peace. The ACLG Foundation is overseen by a board of directors providing grants for programs, research and activities at the University of Illinois.

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