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Symposium audience listening to Professor Terry Anderson


Eighth Annual Symposium: Free Market Environmentalism

Professor Terry Anderson, of Stanford’s Hoover Institution, addressed students and the community at two public lectures as part of the Academy’s Eighth Annual Fall Symposium. Symposium audience His talks and meetings on campus helped break down the myth most students are taught that the government has to protect environmental resources and amenities from destruction by the market. Anderson’s ground-breaking approach to environmental economics, known as free market environmentalism, has helped countries around the world realize that the power of free markets and cooperation can be more effective than government regulations at preserving and protecting environmental quality and health.

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Seventh Annual Symposium: Decline of American Economic Freedom

Professor Robert Lawson addressing the symposium audience

A standing-room-only audience attended the Academy’s Seventh Fall Symposium on perhaps the most critical challenge facing America’s future: the ongoing decline of American Economic Freedom and the threat to our standard of living. The last decade has witnessed a dramatic decline in economic freedom in America. The decline in economic freedom threatens to decrease long-term growth, income, and American competitiveness. America is one of only a handful of countries around the world to have experienced such a decline in recent years. Professor Robert Lawson delivered the lecture attended by over 450 students and community leaders.

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Sixth Annual Symposium: Return to Prosperity: Tough Choices for the Next President

The Academy sponsored its Sixth Annual Fall Symposium hosted by the University's Center for Business and Public Policy. The event featured U of I alum Steve Moore, a nationally recognized economist and public policy expert and a member of the Wall Street Journal's editorial board. Moore described the tough economic challenges facing the winner of the 2012 election and the need for tax reform and growth friendly policies to spur a recovery from the Great Recession.

group discussion at symposium


  • Keynote: Steve Moore, Senior Economics Writer, The Wall Street Journal
  • Moderator: Dr. Jeff Brown, UIUC
  • Panelists:

Watch the Sixth Annual Symposium here.

Watch the Sixth Annual Symposium here.

Watch the Sixth Annual Symposium here.

collection of photos of Steve Moore lecturing collection of photos of Steve Moore lecturing

Fifth Annual Fall Symposium: Understanding the Tea Party: A Tradition in American Politics

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The Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government and the Civic Leadership Program at the University of Illinois hosted the Fifth Annual Fall Symposium on the ongoing public controversy and debate about the correct role of government in addressing America's continuing economic crisis, corporate bailouts, and social unrest.

main speaker Davies


  • Professor Steve Davies, Institute for Economic Affairs, London
  • Professor Eric Hadley-Ives, University of Illinois-Springfield
  • Professor Jeff Scott, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Fourth Annual Academy Symposium
Now More Than Ever: The Case for Limited Government

The Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Foundation sponsored its Fourth Annual Academy Symposium on September 30th featuring professor Richard Epstein. 4th Symposium details available here.

Third Annual Conference

The Academy held its Third Annual Conference on October 1, 2009 on the Urbana campus. Economist and Wall Street Journal contributer, Stephen Moore, delivered the keynote - "Are We Regulating Capitalism Out of Existence?" Conference co-chairs - Professor Rajshree Agarwal and Jeffry Brown. See 3rd Annual Conference details here.

Second Annual Conference

Billed as the Schumpeter Symposium for 2008, the Second Annual Conference was hosted by Champaign's new I Hotel over the U of I Foundation Annual Meeting weekend.

A packed ballroom of 350 or so students, faculty and Academy friends heard Carl Schramm deliver the keynote followed by a round-table discussion led by moderator/economist J. Fred Giertz. Panelists included four distinguished UIUC faculty members—Professors Rajshree Agarwal (John Georges Professor of Technology Management and Strategy), Jude C. Hays (assistant professor of political science), Stephen C. Parente (associate professor of economics) and Thomas S. Ulen (Swanlund Chair and Director of the Program in Law and Economics).

Schramm, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, is a Batten Fellow in the Darden School, University of Virginia and co-author of Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, now available in seven languages and recently named one of the "Top Ten Books That Drive Debate" by the National Chamber Foundation.

ACLG Inaugural Conference

Video clips of the September 27, 2007 event