University of Illinois programs supported by the Academy provide a well-rounded, multidisciplinary experience for students. History, business, philosophy, ethics, literature, women’s studies, Asian studies, political science, and economics are among the areas the programs we support help students explore. Through classes, intensive seminars, study abroad, research, and lectures, students learn the ask and explore answers to challenges questions like: the role of government in a free society; the interaction between wealth creation and social progress; and how they as students can pursue personal success and social betterment.

Liberty Studies students
The visionary efforts of the Academy’s donors and faculty have led to the creation of a unique program in Liberty Studies that exists nowhere else in the world. This program provides students with a strong and challenging array of educational opportunities from new courses, study abroad programs, intensive weekend seminars and student groups. And Business and Society programs helps students explore the crucial and underappreciated link between economic growth, human rights, and social progress.
students in a lecture hall
The Academy supports a major lecture series each semester by a significant scholar or opinion leader to provide provocative and educational commentary on ideas critical to current events, human well-being and American society. These events are open to and well attended by students, faculty, and the broader community. To encourage lively and constructive interaction and debate between a broad spectrum of ideas the Academy also supports a Lincoln-Douglas Debate Series.
group shot of students

Students from all three University of Illinois campuses participate in the annual Weekends Exploring Liberty supported by donors to the Academy on Capitalism.

These annual programs are a favorite of students because they provide an opportunity to interact with great thinkers and professors outside of their normal classroom settings. Students are given a chance over several days to get to know each other better, meet and learn from inspiring dedicated teachers, and be introduced to and explore ideas they might otherwise never encounter in a modern college setting.