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The visionary efforts of the Academy’s donors and faculty have led to the creation of a unique program in Liberty Studies that exists nowhere else in the world. This program provides students with a strong and challenging array of educational opportunities from new courses, study abroad programs, intensive weekend seminars and student groups. And Business and Society programs helps students explore the crucial and under-appreciated link between economic growth, human rights, and social progress.

These opportunities help students from all fields learn about the importance of liberty, free markets, and limited government as part of their broader educational program. Students can now, for the first time ever, receive an official university undergraduate minor in Liberty Studies as part of their formal degree program. High School teachers and others can even pursue a master’s degree focusing on Liberty Studies to help reach students at all levels and ages. The great strides that have been made are only the beginnings of what is possible with visionary donor leadership and support. We can build the Liberty Studies program into a world-class center for students in Illinois and around the country to supplement their education with a strong foundation in liberty.

student with Liberty Studies sign

F. A. Hayek Fellows

To support world class educational opportunities throughout the year the Academy provides support to the University of Illinois to help bring post-doctoral fellows, teachers, and lecturers into classrooms; support for student groups on campus and in the community; as well as fellowships and scholarships for students, and travel and research grants for professors.

Liberty Studies students