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There may never be a better time to step forward for American higher education and the vision of the Academy's mission than today. You may make a gift directly to the Academy Foundation or you can make a gift through the Academy's account at the University of Illinois Foundation.

free market discussion
Students discuss free market solutions to environmental problems with Academy Senior Fellow Professor Matthew Brown.

Whether the gift is made directly or through the University of Illinois Foundation, the Donor is entitled to a charitable income tax deduction on the federal return. Gifts made directly to the ACLG Foundation support its operation and/or program activities. Gifts made to the account at the University of Illinois Foundation may only be used to support approved programs at the University.


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The Academy is a 509(a)(3) charitable organization under federal tax rules. By definition a 509(a)(3) names the charitable organization(s) to benefit from its philanthropic support, in this case the University of Illinois Foundation, and under the regulations the receiving entity ensures that its charitable mission is served by the supporting foundation.

Patrick Parkes
Patrick Parkes, UIUC BA and MA; former Academy Intern and Employee.

Gifts to the ACLG Foundation receive the same federal tax treatment as applies to any fully qualifying charitable organization. Donors are entitled to a charitable income tax deduction subject to the applicable limits.

To learn more about the program opportunities encouraged and supported by the Academy and for assistance in considering a manner of giving that would be most advantageous to you while supporting The Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Foundation, please contact:

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