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  • Professor Moore lecturing

    UIUC Alum Steve Moore Returns

    UIUC alum and economic advisor to the Trump-Pence campaign, Steve Moore, spoke at the Academy’s Third Annual Hathorne Lecture on Thursday, April 20th at the College of Business at UIUC. Moore explained the long and short-term dangers to the US economy stemming from continued government over-spending and regulation and outlined free-market reforms that would lead to higher long-term growth and prosperity.

  • Professor Horwitz chatting after his lecture

    Capitalism and the Family

    Ball State University economist Steve Horwitz provided an open lecture for over 300 students and the public in the Illini Union on Friday April 14th. Horwitz, a prominent economics speaker, discussed “insights from F. A. Hayek’s social theory and the Austrian and public choice schools of economics…to explore the ways in which the modern family has come to be, how its evolution has paralleled the rise of capitalism, and how it has been strongly influenced by the increased wealth capitalism has produced.”

  • Professor Roberts lecturing

    10th Annual Fall Symposium: Is Free Trade a Mistake?

    Professor Russ Roberts, of Stanford’s Hoover Institution, addressed students and the community at a public lecture as part of the Academy’s Tenth Annual Fall Symposium. His talk shed light on the many, often confusing, aspects of international trade that we frequently hear debated in the media.

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  • Fall 2016 Newsletter

    Fall 2016 Academy Newsletter

    Read how your support helped the Academy reach more students than ever! The latest issue of Academy Update features the Tenth Annual Academy Fall Symposium, an alumni profile, and an essay from a historian of the American Founding. Click on the link below to read the online version, or e-mail the Academy and request your printed copy.

    Fall 2016 Academy Newsletter PDF file

  • Professor Powell lecturing

    2nd Annual Hathorne Lecture: The Economics of Sweatshops

    Over 700 students packed Illini Union at UIUC for the Second Annual Hathorne Lecture on February 22, 2016. The lecture was delivered by Professor Ben Powell, Director of the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University. Powell is one of the world’s leading experts on the economics of the “sweatshop” and the lessons that can be drawn from them about how economic freedom and trade lead to greater economic development and opportunity. Powell’s presentation drew rave reviews from students as over 100 stayed after the lecture to talk to the professor and get copies of his book. A big thank you to all of the Academy's supporters who made this terrific event possible!

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