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  • Quote-Market society is a game where you win by making sure other people are better off with you than without you.

    Eleventh Annual Fall Symposium

    On November 15th the Academy will sponsor its 11th Annual Fall Symposium at UIUC. The featured speaker will be Professor David Schmidtz, the founder of the “Freedom Center” at the University of Arizona and one of the world’s leading political philosophers and experts on the ethics of capitalism. Schmidtz will meet with students and give a lecture that is open to the public on Wednesday November 15th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illini Union Rooms B and C.

  • Josh Hall lecturing in front of a chart

    Economic Freedom of the World

    Economist Josh Hall recently returned to the University of Illinois to talk to students about his work as a co-author of the prestigious Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report. Hall, a professor of economics at West Virginia University, is a leading expert on the measurement of how free a country’s economy is and how that freedom impacts human welfare. Professor Hall gave a public lecture at the University of Illinois for students and the public on October 9th.

  • candid shot of Alex McCorbin

    Conscious Capitalism

    Alexander McCobin, the President of Conscious Capitalism, will be giving a public talk at the University of Illinois as the keynote speaker of the annual Weekend Exploring Liberty sponsored by the Academy on Capitalism. McCobin will explain how ethical business practice, social welfare, and free markets work together and can be reinforcing factors in social progress. McCobin’s lecture is December 1st.

  • Professor Moore lecturing

    UIUC Alum Steve Moore Returns

    UIUC alum and economic advisor to the Trump-Pence campaign, Steve Moore, spoke at the Academy’s Third Annual Hathorne Lecture on Thursday, April 20th at the College of Business at UIUC. Moore explained the long and short-term dangers to the US economy stemming from continued government over-spending and regulation and outlined free-market reforms that would lead to higher long-term growth and prosperity.

  • Professor Horwitz chatting after his lecture

    Capitalism and the Family

    Ball State University economist Steve Horwitz provided an open lecture for over 300 students and the public in the Illini Union on Friday April 14th. Horwitz, a prominent economics speaker, discussed “insights from F. A. Hayek’s social theory and the Austrian and public choice schools of economics…to explore the ways in which the modern family has come to be, how its evolution has paralleled the rise of capitalism, and how it has been strongly influenced by the increased wealth capitalism has produced.”

About the Academy

Our Founding Fathers subscribed to and advocated an enlightened yet limited government, one that vigorously promotes political freedom and economic opportunity, one that anticipates and nurtures the unlimited potential and private energies of the individual.

The Academy is a not-for-profit corporation that supports scholarly research and teaching about the authors and ideas of free markets, entrepreneurship, individual rights, individual responsibility, limited government and peace. The ACLG Foundation is overseen by a board of directors providing grants for programs, research and activities at the University of Illinois.

Quote:Nothing had a greater impact on my intellectual development than the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Foundation. Class of 2011 Illinois Graduate


The Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Foundation is not a unit of the University of Illinois, rather is a supporting organization to the University of Illinois Foundation providing philanthropic investment in programs which comport with the Academy Mission and expressed donor intent and the teaching, research, and service missions of the University.